Burgatory Fest 2015

a - Burg Fest 2
Posted by mongo Category: Gigs

Locals only, Brah! Mongo’s hometown is St. Petersburg, Florida, and when we aren’t:

1) fermenting hops in Jon’s beard hairs to make the purest, hippest, locally-est brewed beers;

2) riding our fixed gear bikes over to the local library to meet with our book club to talk about Slavoj Žižek;

3) growing organic star fruit from a rooftop garden which we sell at a farmers market every other Sunday,

you know what we are doing? PLAYING KICKASS LOCAL ROCK SHOWS!

Burgatory Fest marks the three-year anniversary of local heroes and costumed champion punk band Wolf-Face. Sponsored by Daddy Kool Records and PBR, there were free burgers, beer and music all night long split between local venues FUBAR and LOCAL 662. Check out the other bands that were gracious enough to party all day and still play a damned fine show HERE.

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